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Why Federate for Identity Management?
Today's business environment demands an ever-increasing focus on cyber and physical security for public and private sector enterprises. They can only be secure if they have a practical, reliable method to understand who has physical and logical access to their networks, information, and facilities. To address these concerns, government and industry partners have focused on architecting and maintaining trusted identity management systems that include personal identity credentials, issued in a way that provides the relying parties with an agreed, requisite level of trust.

Federated and certified industry services and solutions have become an increasingly popular strategy to ensure trusted identity management in a cost-effective way that minimizes risk to the issuer. Under this approach, participating member organizations can quickly comply with government or other identity management regulations and directives, without having to build proprietary programs tailored to their individual operations.

Operating Rules for physical and logical identity authentication and verification establish the rules of engagement for participation in a federated system. These rules are updated regularly to reflect innovations in technology, changes in regulations, and general needs and requirements of the membership as they evolve. Read More...

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    Why FiXs?
    The not-for-profit Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems (FiXs) was founded in 2004 to provide government and industry partners with an identity management model and governance structure based on operating rules that focus first on business processes and second on enabling technologies. With more than fifty member companies today, and a rapidly expanding membership, FiXs offers warranted users with a trusted gateway broker that includes a biometric authentication for verification of personal identity. The Federation is governed by its members, who share the investment, and the risk, of maintaining a trusted means of managing and verifying claimed identities.

    FiXs, the Federation, is a coalition of organizations who have established and maintain a certified worldwide identity and cross-credentialing network built on security, privacy, trust, standard operating rules, policies, and technical standards. Today FiXs provides a trusted mechanism for a federated identity infrastructure within and between public and private sector organizations with accuracy and trust through the application of a Federated Trust Model. The FiXs network capabilities can be accessed in remote or fixed environments, wired or wirelessly, and in real-time. Read More...

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    FiXs Strategic Partnership
    For identity management to be effective, trusted partners must be able to rely on credentials issued by organizations other than their own. FiXs has invested more than five years developing credentials that are accepted by the most stringent criteria, operating rules, and C&A requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) and the Federation for Identity and Cross Credentialing Systems (FiXs) have entered into an agreement and have established a secure and interoperable Network for authenticating trusted and certified identity credentials between the DoD and FiXs Industry partners. Read More...

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